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About Us

Offerasia is an online site compare prices of Chinese products (phones, cameras, electronics and so on) and Online Stores in China that is based on a free search engine that works with complete impartiality and independence of each of the companies advertising and that has no any agreement or receive any extra bonus by sending more customers to a particular website and in which every user can easily compare the prices of all the products we offer to find the best deal.

With a simple search can see offers from all suppliers with online store where with one click on the product that interests you enter directly on the website of the company offering the supply of your choice and where you can checkout and this does not waste time searching and will win saving money.

Our activity is limited because we only dedicated to reporting prices of the products we offer and redirect the client to the web via links. In Offerasia not done any kind of online commerce, any sale or purchase of any product.

Offerasia not set prices, all them are imposed by the companies themselves, the purchases aren’t made through our website and we do not sell anything, neither assist in the possible purchase, nor advise on products, so any doubt or question you want to make about a product or purchase you have made must ask directly in the corresponding store online.

Sometimes can happen that there is a discrepancy between the price displayed on our website and the seller's price, this is because prices may change, especially when launching certain bidding campaigns because holiday periods such as Christmas, Halloween, etc.., although we will always do everything possible to prevent this from happening and that the information provided is correct.


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