Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Offerasia?

    We are a price comparison of Asian products of electronics, entertainment, phone and so on. Where we show products and online stores where to buy. Offerasia saves your time looking in different stores to the same time and of this way you do not have to do it and help you find the best product at the best price in the store of your choice.

  • Does Offerasia sell products?

    No, do not sell anything and are not a store, just redirect to the users to online stores where they can shop, so we can not give any guarantees about the products that are purchased on the linked sites or the information displayed here.

  • What should you do if the item is defective, has not come ......?

    Offerasia has no information on your orders neither deliveries. For information about a product or a purchase you have made, you should contact directly with the store where you have placed your order. We are not store we only redirect you to the store that you voluntarily chose to buy and place your order.

  • Why should you use Offerasia?

    Because you can search and find the best deal by comparing all stores at the same time, otherwise you will lose hours watching stores manually. Besides you will find shops that possibly never saw before and that may have very competitive prices and items you never thought would exist.


    We offer:

    All and each one of the online stores listed on our price comparison have been researched and personally tested by us because we have bought different items of each store that we displayed in our web and therefore we have verified that all them are 100% reliable. But although we have not had problems with these stores and we have got all products in perfect condition, Offerasia does not is responsible of the experience that each client can have with the purchase via our price comparison.

  • Update of prices?

    Prices are updated frequently, but despite this information may not be 100% accurate because the linked sites frequently update their products and can even be delays between the update and the moment you arrive to our website.

What is comparing prices?

we want to save our money and not spend it without need to not pay more for the same product, what we usually do is look for the lowest price of the product in different sources, that's what we name as price comparison. If we do it through the internet, we would be talking about online price comparison. And it is absolutely great, because if we develop the habit we will always find the best offers for everything we need, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, usb, ssd, hdd, accessories for PS4, Wii, Xbox, jeans, dresses, panty, jewelry, surveillance cameras, baby items, selfie accessories, accessories for iPhone, pet clothing, drone, GPS, led items, robot vacuum cleaner or others products for the home, electronic cigarette, tanks, mods, coils, liquids and hundreds and hundreds of unimaginable items.

What is a price comparison website?

A price comparison website is a website that connects to a search engine to compare prices in order to show a list of retailers that sell directly to the final consumer, the same product you are looking for and the different prices to the ones that those sellers sell. The users of this type of websites are usually people who do not want to pay more for what they are looking for, they are aware of their budget and their only objective is to save as much as possible so as not to pay more for the same product.

Interesting facts about price comparison:

What is the best online price comparison for Chinese products?

Without a doubt the best online price comparison when it comes to China products is In our website you can search and compare millions of products in more than 50 Chinese stores among which are banggood, aliexpress, sammydress, rosewholesale, dealextreme, chinavasion, lightinthebox, etc. We know that buying in China can be a painful and frustrating experience especially if you have been a victim of internet scams or if the product that reaches your hands is damaged or in poor condition, that is why we have taken the task of checking each and every one of the Chinese online stores that we use to compare prices and we can say with total security that they are free of scams and frauds and and that sellers are responsible for situations of loss of packages. If instead you are looking for coupons and offers in China or chinese products, also offers a large number of sellers with discounts on their products through hundreds of coupons and incredible offers with which to buy almost anything, such as clothing, footwear, toys , consumer electronics, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., in many brands as important as Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo, Huawei, MSI, Doogee, Oppo, Ulefone, Elephone, Cubot, etc.


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