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Dropshipping Guides

Dropshipping is a business mode in which you do not need have products in stock; instead when a client buy to you a product, you buy the product to your seller (dropshipper) who is responsible of the package the order and shipment. The seller will ship the goods directly to your customer in boxes or packages and the order will not have any information of the seller, note of shipping, logos or company names, etc.. therefore it is as if the order is sent directly by you. You make profit on the price difference between price of sell and price cost.



  • Working from home 

  • Working your own hours 

  • Any cost

  • No need warehouse, inventory, employee & shipping

  • Focus on selling only

  • No need to pay the order until it has sold

  • No minimum order requirements

  • Buy at wholesale price, sell at your own retail price

  • Unlimited profit margin



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